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Thank you for choosing Docs2Manage, which was created to securely store and effectively manage virtually any type of document into a searchable database.  Documents can be added to the system via a scanner or from any type of existing file.  Multiple files can even be drag-and-dropped into Docs2Manage to import files in volume in just a few clicks.  Documents are stored in a compressed format into a database or file structure - saving as much as 90% less disk space than the original files outside of  the system.

Docs2Manage also has internationalization support which allows the ability to change the language used by Docs2Manage to one of ten other languages.  There is even the ability to add your own language if it is not already supported by Docs2Manage.

The security in Docs2Manage has been enhanced to audit and track each user who has access.  By supporting multiple departments in a single database, Docs2Manage allows each user or defined departments to customize the data fields and user rights/roles to each particular department to prevent information breaches to unauthorized users.  Docs2Manage also supports document locking to prevent others from editing certain documents and provide added security.  

Within Docs2Manage, documents can have an unlimited amount of descriptive information added or use the OCR plug-in to extract keywords from the documents to make searching by keywords more powerful.  The new Document Explorer interface allows a graphical means to search for documents similar to Windows Explorer.  

The annotations feature allows the user to add comments on a separate layer than the document.  

Docs2Manage has been developed to be easy to use for personal/home applications and powerfully enough for the large multi-department organization.  Docs2Manage can accommodate when you want to upgrade your database from an MS Access database to an enterprise database like MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Interbase, IBM DB2 or Sybase.

The repository mode provides for high-speed scanning of unorganized documents, which can later be organized and categorized.  This also allows incoming documents to be divided based on workflow or job function.

The Docs2Manage Printer captures the documents directly rather than printing on paper and scanning the documents into the system.

Docs2Manage makes your search results and documents portable by creating a "snapshot" of the database, which can be copied to a CD-ROM, which can then be distributed freely and run on any Windows machine without the need for an install process or purchasing an additional Docs2Manage license.

As you will see, Docs2Manage has a user-friendly interface but includes an extensive help file for your review.  Docs2Manage is functional and powerful enough to be the right solution for your  document management needs today and the future.

Please note that Docs2Manage is not free software. 

You may try out the unregistered version of Docs2Manage without any charge on a trial basis for 60 days or 5,000 document pages total.  After that point you will no longer be able to enter new documents, OCR pages, or search for documents.  To remove this limitation, you must purchase a license.  A license is specific to what version and the specific machine the software will be installed on.  Please read the rest of the Introduction content section of this help file to learn how registration works. Please visit for pricing options.

Docs2Manage is copyright (C) 2001-2007, by COMvantage, Inc. All rights reserved.
Anything not explicitly mentioned is prohibited.

This software is provided "as is". In no event shall Thomas P. Glunz, the author, or the COMvantage, Inc., or other affiliated companies be liable for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance, or use of this software. This software has been written with precision and testing, but is not warranted to be error free.

You may not attempt to reverse compile, modify, translate, or disassemble the software in whole or in part.

You may freely distribute the unregistered version of Docs2Manage provided that all the files are included and are unmodified and that no files have been added to the package. Please distribute it by copying the original set-up files. You may not ask any money for the distribution.

If you want to distribute Docs2Manage on a CD-ROM or other compilation, please contact before doing so for approval.