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Database Support, Scripts, and Modifying Docs2Manage Tables

VERY IMPORTANT: DSS 1.x - 4.x users please read Upgrading prior versions of DSS database to Docs2Manage.  This is necessary to upgrade in order to use the Annotations feature, OCR or Keywords feature, and the new security features and document explorer view.  If you open Docs2Manage (D2M) before the database is upgraded, D2M will prompt you regarding which tables are missing.

The included MS Access database - MS Access 97 or higher as a stand-alone (multi-user is possible, but not recommended).  You must own a copy of MS Access to customize or to add new fields to D2M tables.

Enterprise databases
The following databases test status and any additional notes stating possible issues with compatibility are listed below:

MS SQL Server 7 or 2000 / MSDE / SQL Express (Fully tested): Fully compatible.  Most recommended.
MySQL (tested with ODBC Driver 3.51.03 and higher): Fully compatible with ini file configuration change on MySQL Server.  Please read the notes in the MySQL DB Script file for further instructions. This database is free from
Oracle9i (Only version 9.2 on Win NT was tested): Fully compatible.  Version 8i is no longer supported since it does not support ANSI joins, which D2M uses. 
IBM DB2 (Tested with FixPack 7 Applied): Fully compatible with ini file configuration change on each client.  Please read the notes in the DB2.txt sql script file for further instructions
Sybase Adaptive Server (12.0 fully tested): Fully compatible by using Sybase ADO driver available on the Sybase ASE 12.0 PC Client CD.  Please install the latest EBF to be sure the ADO driver is up to date or you may have some problems.  Do not use the ODBC data provider.  Version 11.9.2 is no longer supported since it does not support ANSI joins, which D2M uses.
Interbase 6.0 or FirebirdSQL (tested with Gemini ODBC Driver): Fully compatible.  Please visit for ODBC driver details.  This database is also free, but does not have as much support and free tools available as MySQL.
MS SQL Server 6.5 (Not tested): The provided MS SQL script must be modified so that varchar fields don't exceed 255 characters.
ODBC Providers:  ODBC seems to work for other databases where a native ADO driver is not available.  Please test this before purchase.

The Provided Database Scripts: If you plan to use MS SQL 7/2000, Sybase, Oracle9i+, IBM DB2, MySQL, or Interbase, the database scripts are provided in the Docs2Manage -> Database Scripts folder.  You can run the appropriate script in your database provided SQL Editor.  Please be sure to install the tables into the desired database and not into the MASTER database where the system tables reside.  Please consult your database administrator or database's documentation regarding this function For other SQL based databases not listed, build the required SQL using one of the existing scripts that most closely matches your database server's flavor of SQL.  Be sure that the table names and field names are unchanged or D2M will not work properly.  The data types and length may be modified, but should generally match those in the sample scripts.   ..