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Setting Image Quality versus Image Size

If you are storing your documents in B&W Tiff format, this setting has no effect.  B&W Tiff is the preferred image format for most document management needs where ink and paper color is unimportant.

When Docs2Manage (D2M) stores images in the database as jpeg's, even at the highest quality, jpeg's are much more compressed than Windows bitmaps.  

Change this setting to the lowest number where you find the quality acceptable.  In most cases, 60% is sufficient, but this also depends on what you are trying to store.  For example, if you are storing important documents like x-rays and blueprints, you may want the quality level to be between 80 and 100%.  If you are storing old bills which only need to be readable, 50 to 70% maybe acceptable.  

Size may also become an issue if you plan to store a high number of documents.  For example, storing an 8 x 10 letter typically uses 200Kb at 100% quality.  This means 100Mb would store 500 similar type documents.  At 50% quality, the document was 50Kb.  In this case, 100Mb would store 2,000 documents.

NOTE:  If your scanner allows you to adjust the dots per inch (dpi), 96 through 200 dpi are recommended for most documents.  Use a higher dpi if quality of the image is a major issue.  Naturally, the higher the dpi, the more disk space the image will use.

TIP:  To test how much disk space the image uses in the database, view the actual image size on the status bar at the bottom of the screen.  ..