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Showing Document Folder Path Info in Document Grid

This option when activated, shows the folder path information for each record in the document grid.  The choices are as follows:
Show Entire Folder Path in Grid (can slow performance)- This option is useful while in grid view or you have selected to show all document under the selected folder.  This will give you the entire path to the folder location of the document.  This option can slow performance since Docs2Manage has to climb up the document folder hierarchy to get the entire path for each document in the document grid.  If this options slow performance too greatly, use the "Only Show Folder Name in Grid" option instead.
Only Show Folder Name in Grid- This option only shows the folder name for each document in the document grid is in and does not include the entire path leading to that folder.
Don't Show Any Folder Information in Grid- No information about folder location is shown in the document grid. ..