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Setting the Default Search - Date Range

This is the number of days of history or into the future that will be used for the default search.  The default search is the default setting for the search when Docs2Manage (D2M) is loaded or the search is reset.  

It may be useful to set this value lower if you received a warning from D2M that you exceeded the 100,000 record fetch limit.  This limit is imposed in order to minimize the amount of time and system memory required to open a high volume of documents.  This does not mean that these records are not in your database - you would need to adjust the search criteria to find the desired record(s).

For example, if you set the Days of History setting to 90 days, this means when D2M loads and opens, D2M will only request documents dated in the last 90 days.  If you want to retrieve documents before then, you will have to change the search to retrieve and find the desired record(s).

If you plan to date document into the future than you will want to set the "Days into the Future" to cover these documents dated into the future. ..