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Printing Options

General Options
Always Show Select Printer
This option when checked will cause Docs2Manage to pop-up the standard select printer dialog before printing.

Print PDF Documents
This option when checked will attempt to print out PDF documents that are stored in Docs2Manage.  Keep in mind that this option uses a built-in PDF viewer, which may not print out as accurately as Adobe Acrobat.  If this option is unchecked, PDF files will be skipped by the printing process.

Sizing of image to the printed page
Resize and Rotate to best-fit paper
This option ignores the Printer Orientation option and will attempt to fill a sheet of paper with the most proportional fit by automatically changing the printer orientation to use up the most area on a printed sheet of paper.

Resize to fit width of paper only
This option is the same as the prior option but uses the selected printer orientation to print proportionately to the printer's paper width.  This may be better than the prior option when you do not want any page rotated differently than the rest.

Resize to fit width if image width is bigger than paper
This is the best overall choice for general printing. This option does not stretch an image proportionately when an image is smaller than the page it is about to be printed on.  If this is the case, the document should print very close to its original size.  If the image is larger than the page width, it will proportionately be made to fit the page width.

Printer Orientation
The paper's shorter length is considered the width.  This is the best option in most cases.

The paper's longer length is considered the width.  This may be a good option if you tend to scan more documents with greater width than length, like in the cases of some invoices or bank checks.