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Language, Font, and Application Theme Options

Language, Character Set, and Font
This section allows you to select a different language, character set, font, and size which you may have installed on your system for other languages.  This will change the character set and font for every control inside Docs2Manage (D2M) except the menus, which is controlled by Windows.  

NOTE: Please read the Internationalization and Language Support for more information about changing and using a different language in Docs2Manage.

Customize the look of the D2M user interface (windows, buttons, etc.) by using a theme.  You may select from one of the predefined options or add your own by adding the D2MTheme.skn file to the Docs2Manage installation directory.  The Configuration program user interface will immediately display the theme and the D2M user interface will use the theme the next time it is opened.

The Set to D2M Default button returns D2M to its factory state.  Click this button if you changed to a font that causes the D2M interface to become unreadable. ..