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The Trial Version and Registering Docs2Web

The trial is a fully functional program but does have limitations.  The trial version of Docs2Web only allows 60 days of usage and  a 5,000 page limit per database.  It also only allows the use of the first two connection or websites.  Each website can only connect to one database at one time, but can be reconfigured to use a different database at a later date.  The trial version of Docs2Web only allows 5 concurrent users within a 5 minute period.

NOTE: If you have an expired trial version of Document Storage System (DSS) or Docs2Manage 2.0.4 or lower, you can install Docs2Manage version 2.1.0 or higher and the 60 day trial period will be reset so the newer version Docs2Manage or Docs2Web can be re-evaluated.

Docs2Web Available in ISAPI and CGI Formats
Docs2Web is distributed as an ISAPI web application, but can also be used in CGI application format.  In general, CGI applications run many instances to serve the many incoming web request and because of this may use more system memory and perform slower than ISAPI applications.  It is recommended to use ISAPI over CGI format if your web server can run ISAPI applications.  Please contact Docs2Manage supportif you require Docs2Web in CGI format instead of ISAPI format.

When you register Docs2Web, the time and document restrictions are lifted.  However, one license is only good for one website or connection.  Please be sure to indicate if you need multiple websites using Docs2Web if you plan to use Docs2Web to access multiple databases.  The licenses are sold by number of concurrent users allowed within a 5 minute period.

Updating Docs2Web in the Future
After your initial purchase, you can download and update Docs2Web for the next 6 months from the date of your license.  After that, you must purchase a Docs2Web and possibly a Docs2Manage upgrade to continue to be eligible for upgrades and support.  Please visit the Docs2Manage website for more details.

NOTE: If you decide not to purchase an upgrade, you can continue to use the version you already have installed.  It will not expire.