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Web Server Support 

Falcon Web Server (ISAPI Only)
Docs2Web includes the Falcon Web Server in the Docs2Web install program.  The Falcon Web Server was developed by Blueface Software Development Corporation of Scandinavia.  The Falcon Web Server became freeware in late 2005 meaning that its usage is not limited in any way, but it is no longer a product Blueface Software provides support for.

Vista Issues with Falcon Web Server
The included web server is not compatible with Windows Vista.  However, Docs2Web can be installed on other available web servers that support ISAPI on Vista.  Some versions of Vista include a web server which should allow the use of Docs2Web.

Microsoft IIS Web Server (ISAPI Only)
Docs2Web has been tested successfully on Internet Information Services (IIS) that comes with Microsoft NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, or Window XP.  If IIS does not appear to be installed, it can be installed under "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel and select the "Add/Remove Windows Components".  Check the component "Internet Information Services (IIS)" and click "next" to begin the installation process.  Please be sure you are properly licensed to use Microsoft IIS.

OmniSecure Web Server (ISAPI or CGI)
Omnicron OmniSecure (HTTPd) web server from Omnicron Technologies of Canada has been successfully tested with Docs2Web.  This is a free web server, but will expire every few months.  Before that time there should be a new version available for download to extend the date of usage.

In theory, any web server capable of running Microsoft ISAPI technology should be capable to run a Docs2Web application.  If planning to use a different web server than those listed above, please let us know your results, so our supported web server list can be updated.

Other Supported Web Servers
Abyss X1 Web Server (ISAPI Only)
Apache 2.0.55 (CGI Only)
NetworkActiv Web Server 3.5 (CGI Only)