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Security Settings

Users Must Login to Website
When this option is checked, the website user must login into the site to do anything.  The user should login using the same user name as used in Docs2Manage.  The password can only be set or changed in the "Groups and Users" area of Docs2Manage.  If this option is unchecked, there will not be any prompt to log into the website; the website shall be considered public to the extent of how public the web server is.

Search All Groups at Once
Check this option if you build the search pages to only use a keyword search and not any of the group specific fields.  In fact, the website will return an error if there are any request to build a HTML drop-down for a field when search all groups is on.  This is because that group specific fields may have two completely different set of values for the different groups.  This option when checked, will allow keyword searches to span all group the user has rights to.  If desire to have group specific fields in your Docs2Web search page, uncheck this option.  This will allow different search pages to be built for each security group as described in the HTML Templates section in this help file.  Also, this option when unchecked will mean that any searches including keyword searches will only search and return results from the current group the web user is active in.

NOTE: If there is only one security group in your Docs2Manage database, unchecking this option will offer the most flexibility building the HTML template for the search area.

Log Page Views
When this option is checked this logs whenever a web user views a document page, downloads a document page, or downloads a document as a PDF.  The description is based on the CanViewDocPages and CanSave right from the Rights, Roles, and Event Logging section from Docs2Manage.  The viewing of thumbnails less than 300 pixels are not logged as a page view.  The Users Must Login to Website option must be on in order for logging to record user specific information.  When this option is off, no specific user information is logged.