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Website Map

Docs2Web Map Explained
The Docs2Web map consists of several pages, which makes up a Docs2Web website.  This map will help determine which path and HTML templates make up a page.

The "path" refers to the path of the Docs2Web application.  For example:

The path in this case is "dssdosearch".  Everything after that point is considered to be parameters.

HTML Templates
The "HTML Templates" refer to the parts of a webpage that make up the entire page the user sees.  For example, the Document Search Page is made up of some or all of the following templates.

The main reason Docs2Web is using this method to build a page is that the parts are re-usable.  For example, the HeaderPP_???.htm and FooterPP_???.htm is used by most of the pages Docs2Web uses.  This gives a consistent feel to the website and decreases the amount of HTML code needed to build the website.  

A Note about Security Groups
As noticed on the map, many of the templates end with a "_???.htm".  This signifies that every security group in Docs2Manage gets their own set of HTML templates.  For example, "DSSSearchPP_000000001.htm" is the Document Search Page for the group with the ID 1 from Docs2Manage.  This is useful to give each group a different look, use different search fields and labels, and different result field names.  If you elect to search all groups at one time, then the group number is not part of the filename (i.e. DSSSearchPP.htm).

Please use the Configure Docs2Manage to determine the location of the HTML templates.  Any page that does not have its corresponding template created in the HTML Template directory can have those templates created by browsing that corresponding page in Docs2Web.  Keep in mind that this must be done for every group, since each group as there own set of HTML Templates.

Please read more about this in the HTML Templates section in this help file.