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User Experience

The website that Docs2Web produces should not require much explanation even for the novice web user, but there are some quick changes that can even make the experience easier and look more professional.  Here are some tips to make the user experience better:

Make it Simple
Once all the HTML templates are in place for the entire Docs2Web website, eliminate unneeded fields in the Document Search Page, Search Results Page, and the Document Pages Page.  In fact, consider using just a keyword search field only, which searches ALL text database fields at one time, in the search area even if there are multiple categorizing fields in Docs2Manage.  This approach will make the search similar to a web search engine and simple.  A link to a more advanced search page could be created if need be.  Do not feel the need to be confined to the provided website map.  

Customize the Look
Docs2Web uses very simple HTML formatting in all of the HTML templates to make it easier to edit or delete search or display fields in your Docs2Web website.  The main reason the HTML templates are available is so that they can be customized to fit your organizations look.  The HeaderStartPP.htm and HeaderPP_???.htm (group specific) can be modified to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to give the website one uniform theme.  Also, a title for the main login (HeaderStartPP.htm) and a title for each group (HeaderPP_???.htm) can be added.  The FooterStartPP.htm and FooterStartPP_???.htm (group specific) allow for uniform text at the bottom of each page which could be used to display organization or contact information.

Sub-Domain Names and Website Start Page
Docs2Web allows use an IP Address or domain name as your Docs2Web website address.   However, an IP Address can be difficult to remember.   A good way around this is to purchase a domain name that people can remember or create a sub-domain of your current domain or website.  For example, if your company's website address is, you could set up a sub-domain of called docs, so the Docs2Web website can be accessed via the address  Another suggestion, make the start or default page on the web server for that website's domain or sub-domain set to a page that will forward the user to the complete link to the Docs2Web website automatically.  This will mean that the people that use the website will only have to remember rather than

It is important for the success of the Docs2Web website that it is both easy to access, looks appealing, and is easy to use.