Easy to Use:
Works like Window Explorer. Intuitive even for the new user.
Space Efficiency:
Store documents into a compressed format to save as much as 90% less disk space.
Robust Security:
Control and track who and when your documents are accessed.
Ultimate Mobility:
Create Docs2Go Portable Archives onto CDs/DVDs that can be distributed freely to clients and customers.
Scan or store any type of document including MS Word, Excel, Email Messages, PDF documents, CAD Drawings, etc...
Powerful Search Function:
Multi-level search helps you find your documents faster.
Handle High-volume:
Unique capability to input large volumes of documents at one time.
Please read the Docs2Manage Product Page for more details.

60-day trial can become full version after purchase and registration:
Latest version 4.0.1 with Docs2Go technology released on 4/26/2021:

Download in ZIP file Format
(compatible with more browsers)
Download in EXE file Format
from Docs2Manage FTP Server

Note: Although the install program and software is digitally signed, some browsers or anti-virus software may block the download or install process, but the software is both virus and malware free. You may have to select an option to keep the download before you start the install. The zipped version contains the setup executable inside the zip archive.

User Guide downloads: PDF User Guides for online viewing or printing
Docs2Manage 4.x User Guide
Docs2Manage 3.x Guide to Cloud Support
Docs2Web 2.x User Guide