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Docs2Manage OCR Plug-in

Docs2Manage (D2M) OCR plug-in (optional for any version) - This feature was designed to improve document classification.  The OCR engine is capable of extracting the text from an image page and populating a database table with all the keywords which links directly to the page and document.  This means that if you do a search for a word or a group of words, any document that contains the word(s) you requested will be retrieved.  Pages will be highlighted in green when they contain the keyword(s) you searched for.

The OCR process can also auto-rotate a page until the proper orientation is found so that the page can be both read on your screen and by the OCR engine.

Extract Keywords from MS Word Documents (.doc, .rtf, .txt)
D2M can also extract keywords from MS Word Documents when they are stored as a file (not as an OLE Windows Document).  These keywords will be stored the same way an OCRed image page is stored, even if the MS Word Document is several pages.  To use this feature, you must have the OCR Plug-in and MS Word installed.

To configure and learn more about the OCR engine, please read the OCR Options section.

NOTE:  During the trial period, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature is activated.  If you are already a registered user but want to test the new OCR functionality, install the trial on a new machine.  Otherwise, the only way to activate the OCR plug-in on an existing registered copy of D2M is by purchasing the plug-in.