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D2M New User Configuration Wizard

When you run Docs2Manage (D2M) for the first time, the New User Configuration Wizard will automatically run and guide you through basic configuration of D2M.  Follow the instructions in the wizard to select a D2M version, industry (to customize the categorizing fields), and database.

You may also find the Wizard under the Help menu, Show New User Wizard.

Welcome Screen

Select your Industry and Customize the Search and Entry Fields 

1.  Select an industry that most closely matches your organization.  Default values will be populated for the Search and Entry fields based on the selected industry.  Keep in mind that D2M also uses a document explorer similar to Windows Explorer where you can create an unlimited number of folders and sub-folders.
2.  Customize the caption names (the display name in D2M) and field types, if desired.

Field type options include:
  • Drop-down Combo Field - select a value from a list, making searching and entry easier
  • Standard Edit Field - enter value in a text box; use when data entry could have an infinite number of values (e.g.,  invoice number)
  • Hide Field - do not display field if not needed
    NOTE:  The industry portion of this wizard only configures the security group you are currently logged into.  If you would like to use this wizard to customize other groups, change the group first, and then run the industry portion of the wizard.  

    Select your Database

    This allows you to either start using the production database, which includes any changes to the fields in the D2M portion of this wizard or view the sample database filled with sample documents to see how the search and other features work against a database that already contains documents.  Any changes you made using the D2M portion of this wizard will still be saved, but will not show unless you Change Databases or re-start D2M to enter the D2M primary database.

    Finish and Apply your Changes

    After you have visited all of the tabs in the wizard, the "Finish" button will become active.  IMPORTANT: You must click the "Finish" button to apply your changes or you will have to run this wizard again.  Make sure the "Don't show this screen again" check box is unchecked if you want to see this wizard on the D2M start-up again.  Click "Cancel" if you do not want to apply your changes you may have made.

    NOTE: Clicking the "Show New User Wizard" under the D2M Help menu will run this wizard again.   ..