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CD Mode - Distributing your Data

Docs2Manage (D2M) is capable of producing a CD that can be autorun directly from CD-ROM without an install or license.  Please refer to Backing up the Database / Running D2M from a CD-ROM on how to create a CD-ROM using this option.

This may be useful to create portable backups which can be run on any Windows machine or to send a client a snapshot of documents related to their account.  You can decide if you want to make an archive with your entire database or just based on your current search criteria.  The recipient's only requirement to run D2M from the CD-ROM is to insert a valid D2M archive CD-ROM into the recipient's CD-ROM drive.  D2M will autorun and display as the fully registered product without a need to install D2M first.

The only restriction is that D2M in this mode is restricted to read-only mode (which it has to be since the data is on that CD-ROM).  None of the editing features are visible or active.  Other than that, you may distribute these CD-ROMs freely.

NOTE: When a CD archive is created, Docs2Manage copies the information to an MS Access database which is the only usable database format to use on a read-only CD-ROM.  MS Access has a 1Gb database size limitation.  If your documents database is stored embedded in the database, you will only be able to store 1Gb of documents and data in the database (around 10,000 to 50,000 pages).  If you set-up Docs2Manage to store the documents in a file format, then the database will only be used for data and documents will be store in a "Docs" directory on the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM media.  The database will have much more room to store data that is used to classify the document and a DVD can store up to 200,000 to 300,000 pages.  In either case the back-up process will fail if the database exceeds 1Gb.  Please test the size of the archive using the "Estimate Archive Size" button.