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Installing the Docs2Manage Printer

Is the Docs2Manage Printer installed?
When Docs2Manage (D2M) is installed, the D2M Printer should have also been installed.  Under the Control Panel, select "Printers" and look for the printer entry "D2M Printer".

Re-installing the D2M Printer
If the D2M Printer is not installed or was deleted, you can add the D2M Printer by loading the Config program and pressing the Install D2M Printer button located on the Additional Options tab.  You will be prompted if the printer installed successfully.

Sharing the D2M Printer on a Network (tested on MS Win 2000 network and higher)
Once the printer is successfully installed, you may share the printer with the rest of the network.  To share this printer, under the Control Panel, select "Printers" and look for the printer entry "D2M Printer".  Right-click that printer entry and select "sharing" from the pop-up menu.  Enter printer name.

On the client workstations that will use this printer, select to install this printer from its network location and name.  This may require your operating system CD-ROM to complete the install.  Once installed, printing to this printer will capture print jobs as long as the sharing computer has D2M in Printer Capture Mode.