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Buttons to Add or Modify Documents and Images

This is the collection of buttons to work with documents and images on the bottom of the Document Pages form.

From left to right, button definitions are as follows:

  Click the Load / Edit Document in Outside Editor button to view or modify a page using an outside editor.  Save any changes you made in the outside editor.  Normally, Docs2Manage (D2M) detects any changes to a document and automatically loads the document back into D2M.  If D2M is unable to detect a change (i.e., there is no change in the image view), click on the down arrow next to the button and select Merge in order to force D2M to load the changed document back into D2M.

  Click the Import Document(s) from File button to load images and/or documents from any type of saved files.   Add multiple files at one time by holding the <Ctrl> or <Shift> key and selecting multiple files with your mouse.  Click on the down arrow next to the button to insert a Windows OLE object.

NOTE: If you load a bitmap into a document image record in D2M, the bitmap will automatically be converted to a compressed jpeg before it is stored in the database. 

  Click the Save to File button to save the current page as a file.  Images can be saved as a jpeg, bitmap, tiff or png image format.  All other file formats should be saved with its original file extension.  If you elect to save an image page to a PDF, D2M will ask you if you desire all image pages to be a part of the PDF.  This gives you the ability to save multiple pages into one document.

NOTE: If you need to save a Windows Document (OLE Document) to disk, try first saving the document in the editor the document loads in.  If this option is not available in the editor, then try saving it using the save feature.

  Click the E-mail as PDF button to save and e-mail the current page.  Images will be saved as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) (you will be asked if you want to create a PDF document for all image pages or just the current page in the document).  All other files will be stored with its current format.  D2M will then open the default MAPI compatible E-mail client, create a new E-mail message, and attachment the document.

  Click the Select Scanner (Twain) Source button to select a scanner.  Choose the device (scanner or digital camera) from which you plan to acquire your images from the list of all installed twain sources and click the Select button.

NOTE: Some scanners provide multiple Twain drivers.  Be sure to test the different twain drivers to determine which is the best to use.

  Click the Image Format button to select a default format that is used to store the images that are scanned.

  Click the Scan Image or Document button to activate the twain device you previously selected.  Follow the device's user interface to scan or extract images from the device. ..