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An Overview of Security Event Logging

Docs2Web has the ability to log when a document is viewed or downloaded.  This log is stored in the same database table or area as the Docs2Manage Event Log and can be viewed or reported in Docs2Manage by clicking "View / Print Security Event Log" under the Security menu.  The "CanViewDocPages" and "CanSave" rights are the referenced rights from Docs2Manage used by Docs2Web.  

In order for security event logging to take place, "Log Page View" must be checked in the Configure Docs2Web program for the corresponding website.  For complete traceability including the user login name, the "User Must Log-in to Website" must also be checked, which forces every user to log into a Docs2Web website.  When this is unchecked, the user is always recorded as "D2WUser".  In either case the date, time, right name, and IP Address is also recorded.

There are some limitations when logging from the web.  When a document image is viewed, Docs2Web logs the right accessed as "CanViewDocPages", but the user can right-click that image and save that image to disk without ever sending a request to download to the Docs2Web application.  Likewise, when a PDF is selected to be downloaded some browsers will open the document based on how they are configured.  In this case Docs2Web only knows that the document is downloaded and logs it under the "CanSave" right.

When a user selects to download or view a PDF, all the images of that document are wrapped into one PDF document.  For purposes of logging Docs2Web creates a log record for every page viewed or downloaded in that PDF file.

For more information about settings that tell the users browser to view or download and document image or PDF, please refer to the Docs2Web Interface for Requesting Images or Files section in this help file.

NOTE:  Thumbnails, which are images resized to 300 pixels or less of width, are not consider a page view and are not logged.