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Connection Number, Website Name, and Connection Name

The Docs2Web trial is installed with two pre-configured database connections.  The trial can only use or be tested using connection 1 or 2.  Typically a registered copy of Docs2Web only allows the use of the first (1) connection unless an additional license was purchased for the use of additional website to be run on the same web server.  Please refer to Configuration Overview & Registration about this topic. 

The connections can be modified or new connections can be created (you can only modify due to database connection limitation in the trial version).  To create a new connection, click the up arrow on the Connection Number / Connection Name fields until you see ** Unused Connection ** in the Connection Name field.  Rename existing or new connections with a friendly name.  The Connection Name is the name of the connection you will see inside Docs2Manage.  The Website Name field is only used for reference at this point.