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Multi-user Support

Before purchasing additional clients, the trial may be installed on multiple machines to test the multi-user functionality.

For Docs2Manage (D2M) to be used in multi-user mode, each copy of D2M must be configured to use the same server and database.  It is recommended that each user have its own database login or user name.  This same user name should be added to the D2M Users area.  This will enable customized security for different users that access that database.

For MS Access database a work group information file must be located on a shared directory on a network.  Each user must have full control to the share except the delete files right.  Every copy of D2M must be configured to use that Access database and work group information file.  Please see MS Access help about using Access in a work group.  

NOTE: If possible, please use a enterprise database.  Microsoft offers SQL Express, which is a great alternative to using a file-based database and is free on Microsoft's website

For an enterprise or client/server database, the appropriate database client software must be installed to allow a connection to the database server.  Please read your database's documentation on setting up a client and the ADO provider for that client.  Once this is done, use the D2M Configuration program to connect D2M to the database server and database.

In any version, click the Test Connection button in the Configuration program to test the connection.  Even if the connection was successful, the database user must still have the proper rights to access the D2M database and tables.   ..