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Security and Docs2Manage

Security Event Logging (new feature in D2M)
Docs2Manage (D2M) has the ability to track and report virtually every activity in the program using event logging.  D2M has defined nearly 40 tasks, or "rights."  You can decide which rights to log using the Rights, Roles, and Security Event Logging Form under the Security menu.  Select from two reports that display the logging activity.

Integral Security in Docs2Manage
Starting in DSS Version 4.x, DSS began supporting integral security.
  • You define security groups, which act as their own "virtual" database for each department in an organization.  Each group can customize the D2M categorizing fields to fit each group's or department's needs.
  • The D2M program was divided into nearly 40 tasks, or "rights."   A collection of rights makes up a role.  
  • You create users, assign the users to a group(s), and set different roles to the different users in the group.  The user now has the rights that are defined for the role.  D2M has the capability to add or revoke individual rights for a specific user for further customization.
  • Users with restricted rights will not be able to access the associated features in the program.
  • The D2M users are stored in the database and given the same user names as the database, which require the program and the database to have proper corresponding rights in both D2M and on the database server.  
    Read the Rights, Roles and Event Logging, Groups and Users, and Joining Users to Group / Special Rights sections for more information on how to implement security in D2M.

    Database Security
    D2M uses the database user access rights to permit or deny usage to data stored in D2M.  For example, consider two database users named "Full" and "Reader."  "Full" has full rights to the D2M tables and "Reader" only has rights to read the D2M database or tables.  You can configure D2M workstations to use these different database users.  Regardless of the rights given to a user in D2M, the database ultimately controls what a user can do.

    D2M may be configured to force users to enter in a password when D2M is opened.  Configure the database connection in the Configuration program and make sure that the Password Saving option is unchecked.  ..