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An Overview of Security Event Logging

Event Logging has been added to the first release of Docs2Manage (D2M).  This gives the ability to log almost every major function and process in D2M including adding or changing documents, viewing or printing documents, and just about every other feature available in D2M.  Since these rights control what all users can do in D2M, it made logical sense to log whenever a user accessed one of these rights whether directly or indirectly.  Logging a certain right can be turned on or off by checking or unchecking the "Log this Event" field on the first tab of the Rights, Roles, and Security Event Logging form.  You can change the log detail description of the right accessed and how will be recorded for each right in the system.  Also keep in mind that the option to log a right or to customize the log description for a specific right is used for all security groups in the same database.  Regardless of the log description, D2M also records the date and time, the right name accessed, security group, document ID, and page number that was affected by the event or action.

This logging information is stored in the D2M database in the DOCUSERLOG table.  This information can be accessed from the View and Report Security Event Log form.  This area allows you to search by date, security group, user, right accessed, or document ID.  The results of a search can be printed in the form of a report.  If you desire, older or unneeded logging information can be purged within that form. ..