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Entering General Information about a Document

From the View menu, select Edit/View Document Info or press [F11].   This form appears automatically when you Scan, Import, or Copy a document.

Enter general information about the document using the Document Information form.  You may display up to six classifying fields which you customize in the Field ManagerThese are also all the fields that can be searched by using the Search button located on the main toolbar.  If you need more than the six classifying fields, please read the Adding and Using Additional User Fields section.  

The field values may be populated by either selecting an existing value from the drop-down edit box or typing a new value into the drop-down edit box.  Answer Yes when prompted to add the new value to the drop-down field codes.  Alternatively, add new values on the Field Manager tab.

If you desire to change what folder a document is in, select the folder from the "Destination Folder" field.  In the drop-down, double-click the folder you want the document to be in to select and close the drop-down.

Use the Notes field to enter any information or keywords that cannot be described in any of the other fields.  Text in this field is searchable by keyword using the Search button located on the main toolbar. ..