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Entering Specific Information about a Page

When viewing the Document Pages form, you may select to display the pages using the Grid View (instead of the default Thumbnail view) by right-clicking on the page and select Grid View.

To insert a new document or image record on the page:
1. Click on the Import Document or File or Scan button.
2. Select the desired file or scan the document.  A new entry(s) will appear in the grid.
3. Enter any information about the image document into the grid.  This information is also used when you perform a keyword search on the Search Dialog.
  • The Ref Name and Notes fields allow you to enter extended text about the document.
  • There is an auto-incrementing unique Page Number field.
  • The read-only Source/Type, Document Description and Document Icon fields contain information about the content of the document, which D2M needs to load the document in the future.
    To add more classification fields that would be displayed on the grid, read the Adding and Using Additional User Fields section.  To customize the display names of existing fields, read the Entering Information about Data Fields section.

    By default, the grid is sorted by the Page Number column.  You may change the sorting of records by clicking on the grid column labels.  

    There is no limit to the number of pages you can add to one document.  However, adding many pages against one document may make it hard to find a specific page.  A better practice is to have many documents with fewer page records, as document information records are searchable. ..