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Thank you for choosing Docs2Web, the web interface to your Docs2Manage database.  Docs2Web provides the ability to search, view, print, and download documents using a standard browser while maintaining the security options set in Docs2Manage.  Docs2Web is a web server application that can resize, convert, create PDFs dynamically, and provide access to documents to multiple users in any type of browser.  The result- Docs2Web coupled with Docs2Manage is a cost-effective solution that can securely provide access to documents via the Internet or Intranet without the need for a client installation.

Please note that Docs2Web is not free software. You can try out the limited version for free, but if you wish to use the full version, you will need to purchase and register your licensed copy.  Please visit for more information and pricing options.

Docs2Web is copyright (C) 2001-2007, by COMvantage, Inc. All rights reserved.
Anything not explicitly allowed below is prohibited.

1) This software is provided "as is". In no event shall the COMvantage, Inc. or Thomas P. Glunz, the author, be liable for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance or use of this software. This software has been written with great precision and testing, but is not warranted to be error free.
2) You may not attempt to reverse compile, modify, translate or disassemble the software in whole or in part.
3) You may freely distribute the unregistered version of Docs2Web, provided that all the files are included and are unmodified and that no files have been added to the package. Please distribute it by copying the original set-up file(s). You may not ask any money for the distribution.
4) If you want to distribute Docs2Web on a CD-ROM or other compilation, please contact before doing so for approval.
5) You may try out the unregistered version of Docs2Web without any charge for 60 days from the date the software was installed.  Also, you may not use a Docs2Manage database that contains more than 5,000 page records in total.  To remove these restrictions, you must purchase a license for the web server that will host the Docs2Web application.  Please read the The Trial Version and Registering Docs2Web section how registration works and the Configuration Overview & Registration to learn how to register Docs2Web.