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Getting Started (General steps to use Docs2Web)

1) Before installing Docs2Web, download and install Docs2Manage v1.13 or greater on the machine where Docs2Web will be installed.  If upgrading from an older version of Docs2Manage or Document Storage System, please read notes about upgrading prior versions.

2)  Run the Docs2Web install, which includes the install for the Falcon Web Server.  If planning to use another type of web server, please read the sections about Web Server Support and Setting up a Web Server.

3)  After the web server has installed, continue with the Docs2Web install.  When it is finished, the install will attempt to start the Falcon Web Server.

4)  After the server is started, a dialog will appear to select which database (or website) to view.  If you populated the provided blank Docs2Manage database with documents, select the "Docs2Manage Blank Database Web Example".  To try a database that already has data, click the "Real Estate Database Web Example".  This should open the browser to the selected Docs2Web website.

5)  Next, using your browser, navigate through all the pages of the website to verify the site is fully functional.  This action will also cause the Docs2Web application to create HTML templates in the HTML directory under the path for that website.

6)  If desired, modify the HTML template files to remove any unneeded fields in the search, columns in the search result page, or page list page.  These same pages can be customized to create the look, theme, and feel of your Docs2Web website.

7)  To make the Docs2Web website more public than browsing the Docs2Web website server, modify the web server to use your internal IP Address (for Intranet) or use an External IP Address, which is available to all of the Internet providing that if you have a router or firewall, it is directed to allow traffic to the Docs2Manage website.

8)  Test the website by browsing all the different pages in the website.

9)  Promote the website to those who will access it!