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Page Image Preview

When viewing the Document Pages form using the default Thumbnail View, the right side of the form displays the Page Image Preview  (if Grid View, preview is on the bottom half of the screen).

This area offer a larger preview of the document than the thumbnails and is usually sufficient to be able to read and identify the page in view.

NOTE:  In some cases, Windows documents may not have any OLE preview and as a result, the Page Image Preview area will be blank or the Windows document will fail to load on another user's machine because they may not have the proper software or an incompatible version.  To avoid this problem, you should select to store the file in its original file format in the Configuration program.

Other Viewing Options:  Right-click anywhere on the Page Image Preview area to display a pop-up menu, which will allow you to switch the image preview size and options to manipulate the image. Please read Image Preview Manipulation Menu about this pop-up menu.

Full Screen Image View:  Double-click anywhere on the Page Image Preview area for a full-screen preview.  From there, you can also right-click to change the image display settings or switch into Annotations Mode.  Double-click or hit <Esc> to exit the full screen view.