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The Trial Version

Before Docs2Manage (D2M) is registered, any version may be tested.  Please select a version mode under the Registration menu in the Configuration program and refer to the Docs2Manage website for details of each available version of Docs2Manage along with pricing information.  To insure the OCR plug-in is enabled, be sure the "OCR Plug-in Install or Enabled" field on the last tab of the Configuration program is checked.

The trial is a fully functional program but does have limitations.  The trial version is limited to the first two database connections, although this restriction is lifted if you register the Enterprise Edition.   The number of security groups or departments is dependent on which edition you select in the Configure Docs2Manage program during the trial period or by registering the full version.  Please read what each edition of Docs2Manage will allow in the Available Editions of Docs2Manage section of this help file.  Also, after 5,000 documents (page records) have been entered or 60 days have elapsed (whichever comes first), you will not be able to add any more records and the search functionality will become disabled.  Once you purchase and register D2M, the restrictions will be lifted and the Reminder screens will disappear.  Please read Configuration Overview & Registration on how to register your copy of D2M.

NOTE: If you have an expired trial version of Document Storage System (DSS) or Docs2Manage 2.0.4 or lower, you can install Docs2Manage version 2.1.0 or higher and the 60 day trial period will be reset so the newer version Docs2Manage or Docs2Web can be re-evaluated.      ..